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When you sell or purchase a home, there will likely be a title company involved. A title company performs many tasks connected with three main functions: ESCROW AGENT, TITLE AGENT, and SETTLEMENT AGENT. As the ESCROW AGENT, the title company manages all incoming and outgoing funds associated with the transaction....

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When you buy, sell, or refinance a home, you’ll be required to submit personal information to your lender and title company. This information may include your social security number, bank account information and credit/loan information. Unfortunately, there is always someone waiting to steal your information and even...

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12 Steps To A Successful Open House

A goal without a plan is just a wish, right? Every agent hopes their open house will lead to generating new buyer leads but without a plan, it’s just a wish. And if you’re going to be spending your precious Sundays doing open houses, you should have a clear plan and follow every single step, every single time. Step...

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Ratified Contract Now What

You did it! You received your first ratified contract! Next step, send it to the Title Company (and the Lender). But what should you expect after that? What ELSE do YOU need to do? I can’t speak for the Lender but the Title Company needs several additional pieces of information not stated in the contract and then a...

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What Realtors Should Post On Instagram

Real Estate and Instragram go together like peanut butter and jelly. So why aren’t more agents using the platform? I believe one reason is they struggle with what to post. But I have good news! As a Realtor, the opportunities are endless. You tour homes, have listings and are in the community all the time! All you...

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